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Please first review the following FAQ and also our Terms of Service. If you then need further assistance, you are welcome to contact us directly at or call (702) 600-0852.

*Due to the volume of calls within business hours, you may be sent to voicemail. Please be very specific, as to your concerns and the correct department will then respond (Monday to Saturday / EST 9am - 6pm).

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Seller Support

Yes, your information goes directly to our, our reputable Processing Center. *Due to numerous security measures... does not have visible access, to any of your banking details (or does anyone else). collects, and uses your personal information... to deliver the services you have requested. *We do not do sell, rent, or lease our customer list, to any third parties. We may on occasion... contact you about a particular offering, that may be of interest. In those cases, your personal - identifiable information (name, address, telephone number, email address) is not transferred to anyone.
Purchase Price - Stagnant listings usually occur, when the vehicle is priced above it's market value. We suggest that you review other comparable vehicle ad's, then decide the appropriate purchase price. *If you prefer a faster sale, you may want to post a "below average" dollar amount.<br /> <br /> Vehicle Staging - We strongly recommend that you take Quality Photo's... at various Interior & Exterior Angles... be mindful of a Clean / Uncluttered Background. *In addition, your limousine should be Washed (first impression, means everything)!
On the "List As You Go" Packages... this is not offered. *It is a standard feature, on the "Fleet & Dealer" Plans.
Yes, if you have five spots for sixty days... you can actually change all of your inventory - daily, weekly, or monthly.
Yes, these are subscription plans, and are reoccurring until you decide to close it.
Please go to sell your vehicle and purchase a plan. You can then list your Limo Sprinter For Sale on our sites.
"I have a cheap limo for sale, if I run a Craigslist Limo For Sale ad I get local buyers. Can your site bring me potential buyers that are near me?"<br /> <br /> Yes, you can list your cheap limo for sale on our site. Buyers have the option of searching by state so hopefully we can help you locate a local buyer.

Buyer Support

We advise, that you secure funding... prior to shopping. *Inventory on our site, moves quickly... "first come - first serve"!
When possible, it's in your best your interest... to physically see the vehicle. If necessary, there are "independent inspection companies", that can do this on your behalf. *In addition, a "seller" should never request... more than a small deposit (prior to inspection).
Unfortunately, we have no control over both the "seller and buyer". *If a seller has sold their vehicle, without updating the ad... it will continue to receive inquires.
Our collective inventory, is constantly growing... please keep checking back. *As an option, you may want to consider finding the perfect vehicle, then having it transported to you.
Yes, we have a large selection of Custom Mercedes Sprinters For Sale.
We have several dealers on our sites that offer Executive Mercedes Sprinters.
The Custom Mercedes Sprinters For Sale on our sites are offered by the best of the best builders. They can all custom build a Sprinter to your specifications.
Mercedes Sprinters built on a 250 chassis usually have less seating and a lighter work load than the heavier duty 350.
There are many Limo Buses For Sale on our sites offered by the best in the industry. You'll have to do your homework on what truly meets your criteria but all of the builders mentioned above are very reputable.
I tried purchasing a limousine from a Limos For Sale Craigslist ad. They would only reply via email and wouldn't let me see the car prior to paying. Are the listings on your site similar to this as far as touching the actual vehicle and speaking to someone? No, never move any monies prior to touching the the vehicle or at least having in depth conversation with the seller direct. Feel free to contact us if you have any uncertainty and we will walk you through the buying process.
Simple the vehicle location is right there in the listings, you can also search by state as well.

General FAQs

The following FAQs are from our previous website, however you may find these FAQs helpful if you are purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle from a licensed dealer.

We issue you a 20 day temporary tag that permits you to operate your limousine for 20 days. Typically, you will receive your DMV package from us within 72 hours with all the paperwork you will need to register your vehicle.
We've tried in the past but often had problems at the end of the auction getting funded on the deal, and have found that a one on one approach offering a limo for sale at a fair price works best.
Our closest airport is Newark Liberty International Airport, but we are also accessible by Philadelphia International Airport, La guardia Airport and JFK in New York.
It is important to find a reputable limousine dealer who has a history in limo sales in either new limousines or used limousines for sale, depending on your needs. We Sell Limos has been in the limousine industry since 1987 and has been recognized nationally as well as internationally. We are one of the largest used limo dealers in the world and have a long history of new limousine sales as well.
Yes, we ship all over the globe. We've shipped to Russia, Poland, Finland, England (UK), Germany, The Ukraine, Middle East, China, Caribbean and more!
Please visit our 'sell your limo' tab and fill out the form. Be sure to also send pictures of your limo to
In NJ, we are responsible for submitting an ST-10 form to the state of New Jersey. We are only responsible for collecting sales tax if you are a private owner in New Jersey, otherwise you will pay your sales tax when you register our vehicle in your home state.
Yes we have used and New CEO SUV vehicles for sale by owner and dealers on the site.
Our shipping affiliates have years of experience. Click on our shipping tab for more information.
We work with several SUV mobile office builders that can custom build to your specifications.
Mobile office or CEO mobile units are usually donee on an SUV or Sprinter base chassis. These are the two most common base vehicles used.
Not always depending on seating configuration, but if you can do it, it is well worth it, especially for tall clients.
The Limo Buses posted on our site are listed by sellers and dealers direct. The bus location can be found in the listing.
A Sprinter has very limited seating, usually maxing out at about 14-16 passengers. Limo Buses come in various sizes and are built on numerous platforms. Seating starts at 14 and on a motor coach conversion seating can exceed 50 passengers.
It can be done and there are many companies that convert shuttle buses into limo buses. We recommend you speak to several companies that will put a limo bus interior into a shuttle chassis prior to purchasing anything.
Yes, we offer financing through our funding partners such as Titus Leasing on all of the new limos and most of our used limos. You can fill out an application on their website which can be found in our links.
We accept trade ins on any limo deal new or used and we will even let you trade two limousines in towards the purchase of one.
Yes, we have shipped new and used SUV and CEO stretch limos to the UAE as well as Lincoln stretch limos into the United Arab Emirates.
We always have Lincolns in stock in the following sizes: 30", 40", 70", 85", 100" and 120". We also have a full line of SUV limos including Hummer H2 and HUmmer H3, Lincoln Navigators, Cadillac Escalades, Ford Excursions and Expeditions from 40" up to 200". We also offer Chrysler 300 and Cadillac DTS both up to 130".
Yes, all new limos are built on an assembly line that produces the same stretch product over and over every day. A custom vehicle is always one of a kind and built off the limo production lines. This becomes very labor intensive and time consuming. Diplomats, CEOs, celebrities and sports figures are usually the buyers of these vehicles and have very high expectations, so these limos and SUV stretches are never rushed.
We take trades on many vehicles. If you are looking to purchase and trade multiple vehicles, it's best to call and speak to a representative to have someone come out to meet with you. Please call 888 84 COACH anytime.
A new limousine usually takes about eight weeks while a limo bus, party bus, or SUV limo could take longer. A CEO/custom limousine order could take even longer depending on the type of vehicle and optional equipment you select.
Every country is different as to what limos and SUV stretch limos they will allow in, but please feel free to contact any of the shippers on our shipper page to see what their experience is with your country.
No, some of the limos for sale may still be sitting in the state we purchased them, and that can be anywhere in the country, on the west coast.
Our vehicles come from all over the country, and we'd be happy to take a look at your vehicle. Please email pictures to and fill out the form on our sell your limo page.
No we do not. Everything you see on our site, all of the buses, limousines, and SUVs, are here at the dealership. We would consider posting a vehicle on consignment though. Email us for more information.
Please visit our sell your limo page and fill out the form in detail, we will respond to your email in a timely manner with our best price.
We can help with shipping into the United Kingdom and we also work with five dealers in the UK that may have the limo you're looking for in stock.
We have been in the limo industry for over twenty years and have had a dealership since 1996.
Yes we can build to your specifications on almost any SUV chasis.
We don't usually build on a used chasis unless it was furnished from the customer.
No, Hummers and SUV's are not allowed, but some QVM SUV's are permitted as well as QVM Lincolns. At the moment only one Chrysler limo conversion is permitted.
We will ship to Dubai or any country in the Middle East but we have no plans for opening a limo Dealership in Dubai at this time.
No I am sorry we do not have a limo classified page at this time.
No we do not have any limo auctions planned.
We have no dealerships in these countries but we do ship limousines and stretch SUV limos on a regular basis to all of them.
We Sell has been in the industry for over twenty years and started as an limousine operator.
Absolutely! All of our new limos for sale are delivered to the port for you and we will assist you every step of the way with your new limo purchase including customs.
Most of the new limos for sale are very well equipped and the options tend be be more of a want then a necessity, and yes, we will give you all the advise we can.
We offer both new Hummer Limos for sale as well as used Hummer limos for sale in both Hummer H2 and Hummer H3 models. The Hummers range in length from 130" on the Hummer H3 to 240" on The Hummer H2 the most common Hummer is the H2 built on a 200".
A Chrysler limo has an exotic look without the exotic price tag. In the limousine industry Lincoln and Caddy rule but the Chrysler 300 touring limo seems to have found a place where others have failed.
Yes this can be done in any limousine. It has to be a new limo built to your specifications but if it is in your office it can be put in your limo. CEO and SUV limos stretched or non stretched are much more popular when it comes to a mobile office.
Yes, we work with many representatives, who are based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We Sell Limos has access to a large inventory of new & pre owned limousines. These vehicles are located in Northern California, and throughout the US.
Yes, we work all over the country, including Northern California. We also connect many ?limo buyers with limo sellers?, a sort of limousine classified. Because of our high-volume of business, we are able to offer quality vehicles at very good pricing.
Please click on our contact us page, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you... and keep in mind that We Sell Limos represents limos for sale from coast to coast, not only in California.
We have had limos for sale in New York since 1987 and we have had limos for sale in New Jersey since 2002.
When we started selling limos in NYC we were in Staten Island, New York. We then moved our limo sales from Staten Island to Brooklyn, New York. This was the largest limo dealership in not only New York but the world.
No, actually our New York Limo sales are a very small percentage of our total limo sales. Our New York limo sales to livery companies are pretty steady but in the New York City area we focus and cater to the CEO private limo buyers looking for a custom limo, typically a smaller stretch mobile office type limo. New York limo buyers account for about twenty five percent of all custom and CEO limo sales.
A standard stretch is livery based and mass produced on a limo manufacturing line with five limousines in front and in back of it that are just like it. A custom or CEO limo is like a Ferrari made to the customer's specifications in and out from colors to fabrics, woods, electronics, location of equipment, to seats. Everything is custom.
I learned from the largest limousine manufacturer in the world based in California. I was then asked to open a New York limo sales dealership. I spent time on both coasts during this time learning about limousine manufacturing as well as custom conversions.
No, we are fine at the moment with our current limo sales location in New Jersey but are working on a Northern California limo sales location which will have on-site manufacturing and a full service department.
No, real estate in New York is too expensive and New York has some very tough environmental laws when it comes to manufacturing. The new limos we have for sale are manufactured in California and Boston.
Absolutely, if you contact us ahead of time we can arrange a tour of these limousine manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, CA or Boston, MA.
Yes, if you have a limo or limos for sale and have a realistic asking price which reflects current market values we would consider posting it at no charge to you. If we sell it we will charge the buyer a small fee.
There is no charge, we just ask that you notify us so we can remove your vehicle from our limos for sale page.
Our web sites are not only seen in England but the limos for sale on our sites have a worldwide audience.
Yes we do offer both new and used limos for sale in England and would arrange the shipping of the vehicles for you.
Yes limo for sale, limos for sale is also one of our many limousines for sale new and used web sites.
Yes we are a new limo dealership and we do not collect tax on the sale of new limousines that are exported.
I would do a regional search on the internet and put in used limo dealer and your state and new limo dealer and enter your state or region.
Not yet, but we have the facility and the people in place to do so once the economy show signs of life again and the Limousine industry is back on it's feet. They are however doing some kit conversion and limousine repair work out of their San Francisco Bay Area facility.
That has yet to be determined, however We Sell Limos will still be available to broker your vehicle.
No Problem. Our staff has been exporting limousines for years and can assist every step of the way from finding the best shipper, getting your limousine to the port, and making sure it has all of the proper paperwork for customs. We also have several trucking companies they work closely with for transporting limousines and stretch SUV's within the United States.
No, the Chrysler limos for sale on our site could be located anywhere in the country.
Chrysler limo buyers should already own an everyday limo which a Chrysler stretch is not.
Yes we have Chrysler limousines for sale in California. Just click on our contact us page and email us for more details today!
Chrysler stretches are almost exotic and not the workhorses of the limousine industry that you would see at every airport. Chrysler are really only built in 120-140" as they are special occasion limos."
We have a very large selection of used Chrysler limos for sale from California to New York.
Yes, we are buyers of most of the used Chrysler limos for sale that are run by us.
We are not a Chrysler dealer but we do sell new Chrysler limos as well as pre owned Chrysler Limos.
Yes, but Chrysler stretches are not permitted in every country. Before buying a Chrysler limo check with your local authorities on their customs, import, and registration laws regarding Chrysler Limos.
Yes, we have a large inventory of used Hummer limos for sale. We also offer a variety of new Hummer limos for sale.
Hummer stretches do not get good MPG but they do bring in top dollar rental or for hire rates.
We can customize your existing hummer stretch or customize a brand new hummer limo for you.
To most countries, yes, but you really need to check with your authorities before exporting a new or used Hummer limo.
No, Hummer limo, Hummer stretch, Hummer super stretch are all really just different names for a Hummer limo conversion.
No, but we offers a full line of Hummer limos for sale in California and some of our vehicles are located in Northern California.
Hummer limo sales remain strong because the body style has been for the most part unchanged since Hummer introduced The Hummer H2 in 2003.
We are east coast based but we have representatives all over the country.
We are now a California limo dealer but we are also well known for being the best California Limo Brokers in the bay area.
We Sell Limos can help you with your listing which could focus on California limo buyers or give your limo for sale global exposure on all of our web sites that will reach limo buyers in London as well as limo buyers in California.
We are located in New Jersey but our limos for sale could be located anywhere in the country.
We have limos for sale throughout the country. We post not only our inventory but limos for sale of customers of ours who come to us to market their vehicles.
We are limo buyers of almost any used limos if the price reflects current market values.
Yes the bank repossessions limos for sale on our site we only disclose when you inquire.
We give limo values to some of the largest banks in the limo industry and would be more than happy to give you new, used wholesale and retail limo values.
It depends on which SUV limo for sale it is. The coach builders warranty isn't transferable and the base chassis warranty stays with the truck so it all comes down to production date.
We cater to the private limousine customer or custom limousine buyer with many years of custom building experience.
No we don't give you cash for your limo in dollars, but when we say cash for your limo we mean certified funds for your limo in the form of a certified or bank check or a funds transfer via wire.
If we buy your limo for sale we can have it picked up at your location.
Yes, we will. Your best chance of finding a limo buyer by placing an ad in several limousine classified sites as well as our limo for sale pages on our sites.
Yes you can. We speak to many first time limo buyers who have some questions and concerns about buying a limo for the first time.
Not really. Most limo classified publications have a limited circulation, we suggest to locate a limo buyer that you place an add in a limo classified publication as well as listing a limo classified add on a limos for sale web site.
Yes we get and have limousine repossessions from banks that we help them market. These limo repos are usually very good deals and often have aggressive financing rates.
Some of the bank repossessed limos for sale we market do and some don't, every limo is different depending on year and mileage.
Sometimes the bank repossessed limos for sale have very good lease or finance rate from the bank that owns them. These rates are usually much lower than their standard rates.
Yes we do have California bank repossessed limos for sales as well as some bank repo SUV's for sale in the California Bay area. Contact us and our representative for all of our California bank repossessions limos for sale that we market
We do have some of these bank repossessed limos for sale at our facility in the bay area and has some bank repos for sale in Southern California as well.
Locating a limo buyer is very difficult. The bank repossession limousines for sale are marketed via our web sites and limousine network giving the bank it best chance with our broad global exposure to find a limo buyer. With We Sell Limos, they are able to truly market and represent limo sellers and buyers from coast to coast.
Yes we pay cash for limos via bank wire of certified check.
We are limo buyers of most limos no older than model year 1998.
We would then cut two checks, first to payoff your loan and then, the balance to you.
We are limo wholesalers, not the end user. We are not tire kickers; we do a quick inspection and move money quickly without pointing out every blemish and problem. A retail limo buyer would pay more but it could be a long drawn out purchase and the limo for sale would have to be in excellent condition.
Starting a limo company will require a good business plan.You will need to do research in your market and it's current livery companies which will be your competition.. Look into Financing if needed and Insurance companies located on our links page. Some limos are regulated by townships or county author ties as well as the state. Starting a limousine company can be a very rewarding but do your research before purchasing a limo that's the easy part. Please click on the starting a limo company tab on our home page for additional information about starting a limo company. Best of luck.
Yes we have right hand drive limos for sale. Please click on the right hand drive limos link on our home page.
Our limo sales are based out of New Jersey but through our limo sales network and customer listing we could possibly have limos for sale in your area.
If we do not have the limousine for sale you are looking for on our website right now, email us and we can find it for you!
We have a knowledgeable sales staff that has over 20 years of experience in the limousine industry. Just click on our 'sell your limo' tab, fill out the form, and we will get back to you with our best estimate of what your limousine value is.
I am in Alabama and there isn't much of a market here for me to sell my limo. Our clients are located all over the world and we can provide you with the exposure that your limousine deserves in order to get you the best price for your limo on today's market.
To list a limousine for sale on our site, please click on our 'sell your limo' tab and fill out the form to get a free quote on your limo. We will then contact you and ask you to send us pictures of your limo if you haven't included them already. It's that easy!
We have unusual and hard to find limos come across our desk all the time. If you do not see what you want, email or call is and put it on our radar. We see Jaguar Limos, Porsche Limos, VW Limos, and others, maybe one is the limousine you are looking for!
We have over 20 years of experience in the limousine industry. In our experience, you'd do best to have at least 2 Lincoln Towncars, and perhaps a Chrysler 300 in your collection. If you can afford to add another Limousine to start, an SUV limo would round out your beginnings nicely.
We have had Right Hand Drive Limousines for sale on our site in the past, and if you do not see the exact limousine for sale on the site that you are looking for right now, email or call us and we may be able to find the exact limo you are looking for.
Our limo buyers are located all over the world. We can arrange pick up of your limousine usually within 48 hours of purchase, and delivery to the purchaser of your limousine. Just email or call today to discuss the possibilities.
Our contacts in the automobile shipping industry have decades of experience shipping vehicles all over the world.Just call or email us today and we can get you moving!
Every country has different rules and regulations about what kind of vehicles can be operated in their location, but if you contact any of the shippers on our shipping page, they will be knowledgable enough to let you know what the standards are in your country.
You should call or email us today! Just because you don't see the exact limo you are looking for on our site right now, we may know of a limousine for sale that fits your needs.
Yes, we have shipped used and new SUV limos to many Middle Eastern Countries, including the UAE.
Just click on our 'sell your limo' tab and fill out the easy form, we will be happy to give you an estimate of what we believe you can expect your limo to sell for, and then get it listed on our site so you can maximize your revenue for the sale of your limo.
The MKT Limo for sale now the Chassis was just released.
We are hoping that by late 2012 we will have used MKT Limos for sale.
Yes, we update the site weekly with used limos for sale.
We do have limo buses for sale they are under our buses for sale tab.
No, the limos for sale on our site can be located anywhere coast to coast.
New Chrysler limos for sale listed on our site need to be ordered and take approximately ten weeks to build.
We are both a new limo bus for sale as well as a used limo bus for sale dealer.
Limos for sale sites are everywhere so do some research on how long the limousine dealer has been in business.
We have CEO SUV limos for sale and CEO mobile office limos for sale. We offer stretched SUV limos for sale and non stretched CEO mobile office limos for sale.
Call or email us with your vehicle details and one of our representatives would be more than glad to give you a wholesale and retail value even if we aren't purchasing your unit.
Once we have completed a quick inspection and have agreed on the price we can either pay by certified bank check or wire transfer so you have cleared funds prior to releasing the title.
We are wholesalers and not retail buyers. Getting your vehicle retail ready means everything thing should be working and in very good condition from paint and tires to the mechanicals and that the interior shows well and electronics are all working properly. This takes times and money and is reflected in our wholesale offer. We put every limousine we purchase through a full reconditioning process to make it retail ready.
We usually don't purchase any vehicles older than ten years old. Many states don't permit these older vehicles to be used for livery and most lenders wont lend on units older than seven years old so these become difficult for us to sell.
If you have a realistic number slightly higher than wholesale and you vehicle meets our criteria we would consider brokering your unit at an agreed fee.
We have been in the limousine industry for almost thirty years and WeBuy was launched about fifteen years ago.
Yes we are, that is our very well known big sister site.
Our goal isn't to be insulting or steal a unit from any seller. We make fair wholesale offers on all units. We always tell customers looking for retail buyers to run an add in an industry publication classified section or to list the vehicle on eBay. These avenues will give you maximum exposure to retail buyers but you absolutely need to make sure your vehicle is retail ready.
We are both a limo dealer and work closely with several limo builders, we are also limo brokers.
Actually WeBuyLimos our sister site takes care of the limo wholesaler end of our business

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